A plumber helps you keep your house efficient and comfortable by solving the problems of the water leak, sanitary, drainage, and others. You might look online for the best plumbers near me when you face plumbing issues. However, have you ever wondered which tools these technicians use to solve the plumbing problem at home? 

The following article outlines these tools frequently used by plumbing professionals.

Top plumbing tools the technicians use

• Pipe cutter

You will find no plumber without a pipe cutter in the toolbox. One uses it to remove, replace or even resize a pipe to ensure everything is in order. Any professional technician of the top plumbing services in Tomball, TX, usually uses three types of pipe cutters –

  1. Solid type.
  2. Hook type.
  3. Chain type.

A pipe cutter consists of the cutting reels, screw, the moving reels base, and adjusting handles.

• Wrenches

A plumber is incomplete without a set of different wrenches. Different types of plumbing – be it water leak detection in Tomball, TX, or something else – require different types of wrenches. It becomes handy when one needs to loosen or tighten the connections of the pipes, joints, and nuts, and you can also use it to hold the pipe and turn it around for tightening or loosening requirements. 

You will find two types of wrenches available in the market –

  • Adjustable wrench – You can adjust these wrenches as per the need.
  • Non-adjustable wrench – These wrenches come in a fixed size.

• Hacksaw

The hacksaw is compulsory equipment in a plumber’s bag. A hacksaw is used to cut through hefty materials like steel pipes. Sometimes, a plumbing service technician in Tomball, TX, uses this tool to cut plastic pipes, hollow steel roads, angles, etc. It consists of parts – a handle, frame, strong blade, and adjustable wing screw.

The hacksaw comes in two different types based on usage – a hand-operated hacksaw is used on-site, and a power hacksaw is used in the workshops mostly.

• Water pump pliers

A technician will come prepared when you call a professional plumbing service at your home. A water pump pipe plier will be in the toolbox to address water leak detection in Tomball, TX.

This tool ensures an efficient pipe or wire cut, tightens or loosens the bolts, etc. A plumber should keep different types of pliers for different kinds of plumbing services.

• Ring spanners

The most efficient fitting plumbing tool is a ring spanner. It is used to tighten or loosen standard-size nuts and bolts. Four pivotal spanner designs are –

  1. Circular ring spanners.
  2. Open-ended spanners.
  3. Combination spanners.
  4. Bi-hexagonal ring spanners.

• Threading dies

When you hire a technician for your plumbing job, you can rest assured there will be a need for making a solid pipe connection. That is where threading dies come into play. These dies are used to make threads on steel and plastic pipes.

• Torch

Plumbers use small, handheld torches that ensure the technicians can get into narrow places and apply precise heat. These torches are generally butane-fueled and must be operated by professionals only

An efficient stack of plumbing tools denotes the quality of service you can expect from a plumber. The tools have to be modern and easy to use. Before hiring any plumbing company, you should compare their services by searching for the best plumbing service near me online.

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