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AC Installation In Tomball, Cypress, The Woodlands, TX And Surrounding Areas | Tradition ServicesThe best air conditioner made can do more harm than good if it’s incorrectly installed. Believe it or not, this vital step is even more important than the brand of the AC itself or its SEER rating. An AC unit or heat pump’s capacity must be correct for the house it services. This cooling power is measured in tons — not a measurement of weight in this case, but referring to how much heat it takes to melt 1 ton of ice within 24 hours. The tonnage of air conditioning needed isn’t only dependent upon the square footage of your house but on many other factors as well. For professional and affordable AC Installation In Tomball, Cypress, The Woodlands, TX And Surrounding Areas, contact the experts at Tradition Services.

Symptoms of an Improperly Installed Air Conditioner

Undersized AC Unit

A super high energy bill is one of the biggest indicators that your air conditioner is too small (i.e., not powerful enough). This happens because your AC unit has to work extremely hard. It also has to run nearly all the time, and it doesn’t cool your house well, finally reaching the desired temperature late in the day, if at all.

Oversized AC Unit

In the HVAC world, bigger isn’t always better, especially not in the case of an air conditioner or heat pump that is too powerful for the house it’s cooling. An AC that is too large runs in short cycles because it reaches the set temperature so quickly. It isn’t able to dehumidify the air, and it’s always turning on and off. The higher humidity can lead to mold growth, and all the stopping and starting wastes energy just like a too-small unit that runs continuously.

AC Installation Done Right

The professional technicians at Tradition Services understand that air conditioners need to be appropriately sized for the homes they service. We’re trained in every aspect of AC installation. We’ll take extensive measurements and install your air conditioner with care, ensuring lasting comfort and significant energy savings. Contact us today.

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