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New Technology In Tomball, Cypress, The Woodlands, TX And Surrounding Areas | Tradition ServicesPlumbing problems such as burst pipes are not only stressful and messy but can wreak terrible damage to your house. What if there was a way to catch and stop these issues the moment they begin, even if you’re away from home? There is! Tradition Services offering furnace service cypress TX that will help you conserve water, detect leaks, and spare yourself any future catastrophes that come with big price tags.

Water Conservation

The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff alerts you the moment it detects a leak. Think of it as leak insurance. It continually measures water usage in your home (240 times per second) to catch leaks the instant they happen, turning off your water supply before damage occurs. Since the typical cost of home water damage runs between $1,142 and $4,702, Phyn Plus is a good investment. Because the sensor has no moving parts, it’s designed to last. You can also use its water tracking feature to help conserve water and save on monthly utility bills.

Leak Detection

Flo by Moen is another excellent smart home product. It’s known as an “all-in-one” security system for residential water. Flo works by monitoring the pipes connected to various fixtures, such as your shower, toilet, and faucet, as well as the pipes in your home’s walls and foundation. The system will identify the location of leaks and alert you immediately, also shutting the water off. Flo will also remind you when it’s time for regular plumbing maintenance. It even runs tests each day to make sure your plumbing system is performing correctly. A fantastic bonus is that many insurance carriers will give you a discount on your policy just for having Flo by Moen installed.

Expert Installation of New Plumbing Technology

Our highly educated team at Tradition Services is one of the best heating services cypress TX. We understand new plumbing technology and how to integrate it seamlessly into both traditional and smart homes. Contact us today in Houston, Texas, for advanced water conservation and leak detection.

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