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What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis Services | Tradition ServicesReverse osmosis is a process that produces a specially filtered type of purified water. This purified water is created by using a semi-permeable membrane (a thin sheet of material that lets some substances through but not others) that blocks contaminants such as metals, minerals, harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and single-celled organisms such as protozoa. A reverse osmosis system contains two other types of filters as well: a sediment filter and a carbon filter. The sediment filter takes care of larger particles like dirt and dust. The carbon filter removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds, which are harmful gases emitted by some chemicals) and other unsafe pollutants that make water smell or taste bad. Tradition Services understands the importance of Reverse Osmosis Services and also plumber Tomball.

Safe Drinking Water Through Reverse Osmosis

This process makes your drinking water incredibly safe, especially since most of the contaminants it removes would otherwise make it into your body without you being aware of them. Many have no taste or smell. Besides promoting your health and safety, by straining the water of unwanted additives, all you’re left with is the taste is pure water — no sulfur smell or stale or metallic taste. Because there’s no plastic waste as there is with bottled water, reverse osmosis is a more environmentally friendly alternative. These water purifiers are also easy to set up and maintain. They can be installed under your sink and can even be connected to your refrigerator. So your ice maker and water dispenser will get the same treatment as your primary drinking water.

Call the Pros for a Reverse Osmosis System

For clean, safe drinking water that tastes great and preserves your family’s health. Let the professional team at Tradition Services help you explore the benefits of a reverse osmosis water purification system. We have options available for every home and budget. Call us for best drain cleaning near me today in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, and begin experiencing the difference of pure drinking water!

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