What Causes The Gurgling Noise In My Drain?

If you notice a gurgling sound when you turn on the tap of your kitchen sink or shower, water may be struggling to drain through the pipe and could be backed up. The following reasons may be causes for the gurgling noise:

1. Reasons Why Your Drain is Making Gurgling Noises

• Blocked Drain

When you wash down the items in your sink or shower, some particles can stick to the inside of the drain and build up over time. This buildup can create a partial or total blockage in the drain and restrict the proper water flow. You may not hear a significant gurgling sound in case of partial blockage, but the slow draining process will be noticeable.

• Blocked Vent System

The vent systems help release the pressure in the pipes or water tank by removing the unwanted air from the plumbing system. The gurgling sound will arise when the air gets built up in the drains, and the pressure cannot escape the vent system.

• Clogged Sewer Line

All the wastewater from the drains in your home is carried through a large pipe called the sewer line to the main line in your block. If you notice a gurgling drain in your home, it indicates a blockage in your sewer line that restricts the water flow.

A blockage in your sewer line can lead to every other drain in your home getting clogged, and you may need a professional plumber servicing Tomball TX to get everything back to normal again.

• Malfunctioning P-Trap

A P-trap is a device used to seal the drain pipes in your home to prevent foul odors and sewer gas from entering your home. If your sink is making a gurgling noise, a sediment buildup may have occurred in your P-trap. If you suspect the P-trap is causing your drains to gurgle, search for a drain cleaning near me to hire a professional for inspection.

2. How to Fix a Gurgling Drain

Follow the below steps to fix your gurgling drain and restore it’s proper function

• Isolate the Cause

The first thing to do is to isolate the gurgling drain and identify the problem carefully. If only one drain makes a gurgling noise, it means the problem is only in that part. However, if the sound comes from multiple fixtures, the problem is related to the mainline or the ventilation pipes.

• Clear the Drain Pipe and the Vent

You can use an auger to remove the items causing the blockage in your drains. Once the clogs are removed from your pipes, the proper water flow may be restored, and you won’t hear any more gurgling sounds. Clear the debris by hosing the ventilation pipes if the problem is in the vents. You can also clean the main line using household tools, but the process can be quite time-consuming and tedious.

• Call a Plumber

If you encounter any problems with your drain, call a professional for plumbing services servicing the Tomball area to inspect the issue.

To Summarize

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