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An Efficient Repair Solution For Slab Leaks-

v\Tunneling In Tomball, Cypress, The Woodlands, Texas, And Surrounding Areas

Many components of a home are subject to failures from the forces of nature or gradual deterioration over time.  One such failure is a slab leak that can occur in pipes that run beneath the foundation. Common causes of these slab leaks are corrosion from soil chemicals, heat, or even just wear and tear from the vibration of the pipes themselves. We offer comprehensive and reliable services of drain cleaning near me.

Sometimes the leak is obvious and detected by damp spots and puddling on the floor. However, these leaks can go undetected for long periods of time and the only sign may be a significant increase in the monthly water bill.

If left unattended, a slab leak can result in soil saturation that could erode. The foundation and cause the structure to sink into the ground. To remedy the situation, a plumbing services Tomball TX professional must be consulted to investigate the source of the leak.

A popular approach to repairing these leaks is with a process called tunneling. Tunneling under the slab can be a better solution for homeowners as there is no disruption and mess inside the home. This is also a more satisfactory approach if there is expensive flooring in the home that would otherwise be destroyed by interior demolition.

Best Efficient Repair Solution

In this approach, the plumber excavates a tunnel outside the home. Upon digging below the concrete grade beam, the excavation is continued under the foundation itself. The path is constructed to allow the plumbers access to locate and repair the leaking pipe. Upon completion, the system is tested to ensure there are no further leaks. The area is then carefully backfilled with the soil that was originally removed and then packed securely in place. We offer comprehensive and reliable services of AC repair Tomball TX. You can contact us at: (855) 500-0035.

In conclusion, tunneling is a preferred solution for homeowners over direct slab cutting. This procedure leaves the slab structurally intact while also preserving the home’s interior flooring.

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