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AC Maintenance In Tomball, Cypress, The Woodlands, TX And Surrounding Areas | Tradition Services The summer sun and heat in Houston can be relentless and you rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable. Your air conditioner works hard for you and keeping it in top condition is absolutely essential. That means regular maintenance and tune-ups, similar to the way you take care of your family vehicle. You can trust Tradition Services to provide reliable worry-free AC Maintenance and AC installation Tomball TX, The Woodlands, TX, And Surrounding Areas

What Is AC Maintenance?

Think of it as a check-up for your air conditioner. It’s a way to ensure everything’s working as it should and to catch any problems before they worsen. When we perform maintenance service on your air conditioner, we’ll be extremely thorough. A routine maintenance check will include:

  • Replacing the Air Filter
  • Calibrating the Thermostat for Accuracy
  • Lubricating all the Moving Parts
  • Inspecting all Electrical Connections
  • Fan and Motor Inspection
  • Evaporator & Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Cleaning Dust & Debris from the Unit
  • Condensate Drain Flushing & Cleaning
  • Exhaust Outlet Inspection
  • Fuel Lines & Connection Check

Regular AC maintenance in Tomball is essential for your system’s best functioning. For example, do you wish to eliminate allergens and pollutants from the air you breathe indoors?

If so, change the air filters in your air conditioner once a month. Although you can complete the task independently, we recommend hiring a professional to guarantee everything goes smoothly. 

Professionals focus on bi-year tune-ups rather than annual maintenance programs because they extend the system’s longevity and maintain appropriate function.

Checklist for Professional Air Conditioning Repair

  • Clean the current air filter.
  • Inspection and lubrication of bearings.
  • Examine the indoor coil.
  • Condensate Drain – flush and anti-algae treatment.
  • Condenser Coil Inspection.
  • Monitor operating pressures for the refrigerant.
  • Inspect safety devices for proper operation.
  • Inspection and tightening of electrical connections.
  • Examine the electrical system for exposed wiring.
  • Capacitor inspection and testing.
  • Examine the fan blades.
  • Remove dirt from the condenser coil.
  • Check the operation of the service valves.
  • The temperature difference between supply and return.
  • Examine ductwork for energy leaks.

Do-It-Yourself HVAC Maintenance

  • Replace your air filter: Every 30 days, check it by holding it up to a light and seeing whether any light can pass through. Replace it if it is clogged.
  • Examine your thermostat: Make sure your thermostat is distant from any heat sources, such as the sun’s rays, lamps, and heat-generating equipment.
  • Maintain the drain lines for condensate: During your annual AC repair Tomball TX, your professional HVAC technician will clear your condensate drain line, but it’s also a good idea to maintain it free with a stiff wire and some bleach.

The Advantages of Routine HVAC Maintenance

  • Increased energy efficiency: Professional technicians will inspect and clean cooling coils, blades, and other components to improve energy efficiency. Cleaner coils can help you save energy by decreasing the temperature in your home. Professionals offer HVAC inspections and tune-ups twice a year to help you save money on your monthly costs. We also offer plumber Tomball at an unbeatable price. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.
  • Increased comfort: If you want to improve your comfort, engage a respected provider that performs preventative maintenance twice a year. Our certified specialists will inspect all system components throughout the visit. 
  • Improved air quality: An skilled HVAC specialist will clean out the AC system of dirt, dust, and debris. Enhanced indoor air quality is directly linked to the cleanliness of your home.
  • Fewer repairs: A well-maintained air conditioning system has fewer problems, so you’ll save money. Preventative AC maintenance in Tomball is similar to a holistic approach to healthcare, ensuring that your air conditioning system is in top shape. 
  • Increased system lifespan: The usual lifespan of an air conditioning system is between 10 and 15 years. If you employ a professional business to perform bi-annual tune-ups or maintenance the system can last 20 years.

Tradition Services is a reputable company with licensed and experienced personnel. Furthermore, our professionals diagnose and fix your AC system with advanced tools, resulting in enhanced indoor air quality, desired cooling, and decreased electricity bills.

Again, our personnel adheres to industry regulations and safety precautions during the installation, repair, and maintenance procedure. The goal is to protect your air conditioner’s warranty, ensure peak performance, and extend its life. For more information, please get in touch with us.

How Often Does My AC Need Maintenance?

Most often, you’ll only need to have your air conditioner professionally maintained once a year. The best time to do maintenance is at the beginning of the season, so you can be sure to reap all the benefits of the cool air. However, as your air conditioner gets older, it might be wise to have it maintained twice a year. This will help the unit lasts as long as possible.

Schedule AC Maintenance Today

Even if your air conditioner seems to be running fine, don’t dismiss the importance of regular AC maintenance. Not only does it prolong the life of your AC, but it will also help it run more efficiently. That means you save money. Contact us at Tradition Services or call to schedule an AC maintenance appointment today. We also deliver heating services Cypress TX at affordable prices.

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