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An air conditioner is required to get respite from sweltering summer days. However, it is also necessary that you buy the right sized air conditioner. Regardless of the brand and type of ac you buy, figuring out the right size or cooling capacity is absolutely important. The good thing is figuring out this aspect is not very hard. The top-notch air conditioning installation Cypress, TX agencies will guide you in this regard.

What Happens if You do Not Buy Right-sized AC

 If you do not purchase a right-sized air conditioner for your needs, it will lead to hassles. A small sized AC set up in a large room will struggle to cool the room. It will hike the energy bill and put a strain on the device too. In the long run, the lifespan of the AC will get impacted adversely. Installing an oversized air conditioner in a small room is not prudent either. The top AC repair Tomball TX agencies guide their customers in this regard.

Getting the Basics of AC Capacity Calculation Clear

Whether you buy a window or split air conditioning unit or opt for a central ac solution, ensure you calculate the capacity well.

Air conditioner capacity is not exactly related to the size or dimension of the device. It refers to the amount of air it can cool or process per hour. The cooling capacity is measured in BTU. You need to measure the size of the room where the device will be installed. It will be necessary to multiply the length and width of the room. Then you can multiply that amount with 25 BTU. So, for a room that is 15 feet long and 12 feet wide, the area to be cooled is 12×15= 180 sq. ft. So, you will need a device with 180*25= 4500 BTU cooling capacity.

What Other Factors Must be Analyzed

It is not just enough to calculate the BTU cooling capacity of the device! Several other factors come into the picture. These are:

  • The height of the room also matters. If the height is above 9 feet it would be better to buy an AC with slightly higher BTU capacity.
  • If the room is on the top floor, it is likely to receive more heat than other rooms. So, you have to pick a device with a little higher cooling capacity.
  • It is also necessary to think about your usage needs. If 1 or 2 persons will be in the room most of the time, you may stick to the recommended BTU capacity. However, you may have to go for a higher capacity if there will be 5 or more persons in the room most of the time.

Buy the Air Conditioner From the apt Agency

You may not feel confident about buying the right sized air conditioner for your needs. In that case, you can contact a suitable HVAC repair Cypress TX agency. In Texas, you can count on plumber Tomball for all air conditioner related needs. You may call 855-500-0035 for details.

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